Welcome To Fusion Country!

Hello! My name is Josh and I’m proud to introduce my blog Fusion Country. What is Fusion Country? Something brand new and exciting to the world of country music. Something that has been happening before your very eyes in the genre and you haven’t been able to put a name on it. Until now. The most exciting artists and albums in recent years seem to all have a common trait: the blending and fusion of country music with the sounds and influences of other genres to create sounds that are unique and truly pushing the boundaries of the genre forward. These artists are the true innovators that aren’t afraid of not conforming to tired old traditionalists and the stale sounds of radio. Intrigued? So was I, which is why I’ve created Fusion Country. If this kind of music excites you, come along for the ride as this site will be following all of the country artists pushing out projects that truly push the limits and take country to a whole new level of cool. Again, welcome to Fusion Country!