Review – Chris Stapleton’s “Millionaire”

Chris Stapleton is the biggest star in country music right now. I still can’t believe it. I can still remember being one of the few people who was pumped when he released his debut album Traveller. Of course later that year Stapleton performed with Justin Timberlake at the CMA Awards and the rest is history. Last year Stapleton released two albums that were critically acclaimed. He’s coming off his first #1 single at radio with “Broken Halos” and the no-brainer follow-up would without a doubt be “Millionaire.” It’s one of those songs you can instantly click with, as it’s a sentimental love song that avoids becoming saccharine. It’s meaningful and has real heart behind the lyrics, but is also catchy and easily resonates with the listener. This song doesn’t have quite as much influences from blues and soul as Stapleton’s other songs, but it’s still clearly present. What many in country don’t like to admit is that this is part of his widespread appeal. His ability to seamlessly blend country with other genres is what helps makes him so special. While there are several other Stapleton songs I prefer more, I’ll never complain about the ever-growing popularity of Stapleton and the potential for him to gain another hit. Not to mention Kevin Welch will get some well-deserved shine. “Millionaire” will continue the hot streak for Stapleton into 2018.

Grade: 8/10

Songwriter: Kevin Welch 

One thought on “Review – Chris Stapleton’s “Millionaire”

  1. Brett April 10, 2018 / 8:31 pm

    Very much agree with why Chris is so popular at the moment. He really does bring in more genres and influences, very authentic sounding. Bluegrass, country, rock, r&b, everybody wants to claim him and i dont blame them, hes great! Interesting i read an article from GQ where Alan Jackson (arguably my generations country king) mentioned he loved Stapletons music and supported him, but it wasnt traditional country music. Ironically i think thats why people cling to him and has more mass appeal. Millionaire is a great track but it is a safe one for sure, id prefer Hard Livin or Kendall Marvels brilliant Tryin to Untangle My Mind.

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