Review – Cam’s “Diane”

The birth of country pop came in the 1950s when people on Music Row realized they needed to re-invent the sound of country music. This was in response to the surge in popularity of rock and roll, which was crushing country music. It saved the genre and today we refer to it as the Nashville sound/countrypolitan. If you asked me where to start listening to country pop, my answer would be Dolly Parton, who perfected the blend of country and pop elements. That’s who Cam went to for inspiration for her newest single “Diane,” a response song to the popular Parton hit “Jolene.” The song is from the point of view of the mistress, who apologizes to the wife (Diane) of the man she’s been cheating with to confess what she’s been doing with Diane’s man. As the mistress pleads in the song, she had no clue he was married and by confessing she would rather the wife hate her than not understand the truth. Ultimately the wife chooses her man over the truth, seemingly not believing the mistress. It’s classic country music storytelling set to a blistering acoustic guitar that’s constantly driving the song forward. It’s infectious and catchy, while at the same time keeping the focus on the great songwriting. Cam hits another home run with “Diane” and I’m anxious to hear more from her upcoming sophomore album.

Grade: 9/10

Songwriters: Camaron Ochs, Tyler Johnson, Jeff BhaskerĀ