Review – Lauren Alaina’s “Ladies In The ’90s”

Lauren Alaina has shown she can be one of the best in modern country at blending together country and pop. On her last album Road Less Traveled there were multiple moments where she demonstrated this (“Crashing The Boys Club” and “Queen of Hearts” immediately come to mind) and I was hoping she would build on these type of songs more in her future discography. Well on her new single “Ladies In The ’90s” she does just that. It’s a bouncy, colorful song that fondly looks back on the days of ’90s radio. It doesn’t just refer to the plentiful amount of women who got airplay on country radio, but pop radio too. Alaina reflects on her days of singing along to Deanna Carter’s “Strawberry Wine,” Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and more. As a fellow ’90s kid, I immediately got all of the references and remember each song mentioned. It’s kind of cool, but at the same I feel a bit old too.

Normally I don’t enjoy these nostalgia heavy songs with multiple references to past songs. It’s just lazy songwriting. However, I find myself enjoying this song because of its emphasis on Alaina’s joy of being able to previously turn on the radio to hear and connect with women artists and how it shaped her life. Instead of focusing on the nostalgia and name-dropping, it focuses on how the music made her feel. It makes for a much more genuine and real connection. Plus, the song is damn catchy with the well-crafted hooks and the great blend of drums, keyboards and electric guitar. “Ladies In The ’90s” is another good offering of country pop from Lauren Alaina.

Grade: 7/10

Songwriters: Lauren Alaina, Jesse Frasure, Amy Wadge

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