An Update on Fusion Country

I wanted to take this moment to reaffirm Fusion Country is not going anywhere. I haven’t been posting a lot due to being busy and a lack of fusion country music to discuss. The latter prompted me to re-evaluate the focus of this blog moving forward.

Lately, I’ve strongly considered re-launching Country Perspective because I want to start writing about all types of country music again, along with other genres. But I realized that I was essentially taking what I’ve created here and applying it to a two-years dormant blog. On top of that there’s the biggest hurdle: people expecting the old CP to return and that will never happen as I’ve said before. This blog is really what I’ve wanted all along, but I’ve realized one hitch. The limited focus has held me back a bit and that’s a pretty easy fix.

So effective today I’m expanding to cover all parts of country music (that I want to cover). There will still be an extra focus on country music that expands boundaries and horizons with it’s style and sound that I dub “fusion country.” I’ll also be covering other genres of music when I feel like it. I’m a music fan first and foremost, so this blog should reflect it. In addition I’m trying a new review format.

Some other notes I would like to put out:

  • As of now, I will not have any social media platforms promoting the blog. They’re vile and toxic and I want no part of them. So if you enjoy what you see here, please feel free to spread the word. I also recommend subscribing to the blog via email, so you don’t miss a thing.
  • This is something I’ve wanted to get off my chest for a while: I’m not going to engage in any specific criticism or fight with blogs/authors moving forward. I spent too much time in the past engaging in petty/vague bickering with people I perceived as a threat and competition. But us writers shouldn’t view each other as such. We should be allies who strive to make each other better. So whether it’s Saving Country Music or Grady Smith, I want to get along with everybody and I extend the olive branch to anyone I had a negative experience with in the past. Again I just want to get along and if interested, work together.
  • You might have noticed the comments section has been closed. It’s now re-opened. I missed the discussion and feedback aspect. My reasoning for this temporary closing was flawed.
  • Will The Ultimate Pulse of Country Music return? I haven’t decided yet. I want to re-evaluate the formula and format.
  • I will continue to not take any pitches for reviews and features. There’s no email to submit them to either and if any publisher/artist/label even attempts to solicit me in any way, shape or from, you will be permanently banned. No exceptions. I write about whatever interests me. Your PR and promoting is not my job and problem. You are welcome to take part in this blog as a reader and lover of music.

I hope you’re as excited by these changes as I am. I look forward to engaging with you in the comments again!

One thought on “An Update on Fusion Country

  1. Zackary Kephart February 11, 2019 / 1:40 pm

    Hey! I’m glad you’re back (and I’m also glad the comments section is open again! I was definitely sad when I saw it was closed).

    We’re in the same boat yet again, old friend, as I recently relauched my old site too. If you want my opinion, I think you should do whatever you feel is best and don’t let anyone get in the way of that – keep Fusion Country or re-open Country Perspective. Hey, whatever makes you happy, man.

    I hear you on the olive branch thing. I stopped looking at being a music reviewer in the same cynical manner I used to, and I feel it’s helped a lot without sacrificing the whole honesty aspect of it.

    Also, I find running weekly features to be incredibly difficult, so I completely understand your decision regarding the Ultimate Pulse.

    Good to talk to you again!

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