Review – Brooks & Dunn’s “Brand New Man” (with Luke Combs)

For several days the legendary duo had been posting #Reboot on social media, vaguely hinting at a return with some sort of announcement. Well now we know Brooks & Dunn are releasing an album of re-imaginations of their iconic hits with several modern country artists joining them on each song. One of the first songs released is a re-imagining of “Brand New Man” with one of the most popular artists in country music today, Luke Combs.

  • I love how right away we get instant harmonizing from the three artists. They sound great together! So I’m hooked from the get-go.
  • They do well balancing the vocals throughout, while also continuing to pepper in the great harmonizing.
  • The revamped production sounds great. It gives the song a renewed punch.
  • It’s amazing how timeless and excellent this song still sounds several years later. But anyone who listened to 90s country knows this.
  • They’re actually releasing this to radio and I think it could be a huge hit once again. Why not? It’s early sales are excellent. I don’t hear anybody asking for less music from Luke Combs. And what country fan doesn’t enjoy Brooks & Dunn? This song checkmarks every box.

There’s not much else to say except this song has always been great and it’s still great with this re-imagining. Big props to both Brooks & Dunn and Luke Combs.

Grade: 9/10

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