Review – Chris Janson’s “Good Vibes”

Chris Janson has demonstrated since his debut album that he has the ability and voice to make great music. But he has yet to demonstrate a level of consistency in his music. Both of his albums released so far have been mixed bags in terms of quality, featuring both great songs and forgettable to terrible songs. His latest single “Drunk Girl” was his biggest hit since “Buy Me a Boat,” so I was hopeful this would embolden him to pursue more quality songs in this vein on his third project. We now get the first taste of this album with lead single “Good Vibes.”

  • Right away this song proves to be another good one from Janson. I instantly connect with the opening verse: “I ain’t watched TV today/Bad news it can just stay away/If you ain’t got anything good to say/Then shut your mouth.”
  • As someone sick of the non-stop negativity and toxicity of all media (from TV to social), this verse just hits a home run with this sentiment. And I imagine there are many others who feel the same. Who wants to engage with all of this bullshit?
  • This song has a simple message: shut off all the negativity and enjoy good vibes. Find and enjoy happiness. It’s nothing deep, but breezy, feel good songs like this are essential. Not every song needs to be Bob Dylan/Guy Clark-level songwriting.
  • It has a fun and bouncy melody to match the lyrics. It’s instantly catchy. The phrase “good vibes” will connect well with younger listeners too. Older listeners may cringe at this observation, but the genre needs young listeners if it wants to have a future.

“Good Vibes” is a timely and fun song from Chris Janson. I know I’ll be enjoying this one for a while.

Grade: 8/10

Songwriters: Chris Janson, Ashley Gorley & Zach Crowell

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