Review – Florida Georgia Line’s “Talk You Out of It”

Florida Georgia Line have been hearing from grumpy traditionalists that they’ve lost their relevancy and popularity. Of course I’ve already provided the numbers that prove otherwise. Regardless of how you feel about them, there’s no other duo or group doing better popularity-wise than Florida Georgia Line right now. “Simple” was a smash for them and now they’ve chosen “Talk You Out of It” as their newest single. It’s an R&B meets country slow jam with an enticing sultry feel. The song centers on the guy waiting for his woman to pick a dress and go out. But once she finds that perfect dress, now he just wants to see her without it. Put simply it’s a couples sex jam. What really makes this song and what I would call its secret sauce is the hook: “Now you’re looking like a line from a Vandross song/I’m looking at that fine little dress you got on.” It just captures the whole vibe of the song and it’s instantly memorable. It also makes it easy to sing along. I’m glad the production isn’t heavy-handed either, as it just kind of lingers in the background and provides the ideal backdrop for the lyrics. It’s another solid single from Florida Georgia Line.

Grade: 7/10

Songwriters: Jameson Rodgers, Hunter Phelps, Michael Hardy & Alysa Vanderheym