Review – RaeLynn’s “Tailgate”

The career of RaeLynn has certainly been an interesting one to watch. She was discovered on The Voice by Blake Shelton and made a splash with the hit “God Made Girls,” which was criticized as being a bro-pandering song. Not to mention her voice received plenty of criticism. But then she found redemption with maturation, releasing songs like “Love Triangle.” Her voice has improved too. With this improvement, it makes it easy to root for RaeLynn. A few months ago she released her newest song “Tailgate” and I sort of forgot about it. But then I started to hearing it more again on satellite radio recently and it’s just too damn infectious for me not to review it. The production is lively, colorful and engaging. The lyrics are clever and witty, as RaeLynn worries about a tailgate telling of the sexual romance she experienced on it in her teen years. Of course a tailgate can’t talk, but it’s the song’s nonchalant attitude about sex on a tailgate that gives it such a breezy and fun feel. The lingering organ in the background with the synthesizers really create the perfect sound for it too. “Tailgate” is just a blast to listen to and so easy to enjoy.

Grade: 8/10

Songwriters: RaeLynn, Corey Crowder, Tyler Hubbard, Canaan Smith