Review – Maren Morris’ “Rich”

In recent years country music has clearly had issues attracting younger listeners. Once the bro country era ended, the genre has been searching for answers. But there are answers right in front of their faces, as there are clearly a handful of artists in the genre who interest younger listeners. One of those is undoubtedly Maren Morris, who burst onto the scene with her debut album HERO in 2016. It brought lots of praise from critics and a few jeers from the traditionalists in the peanut gallery. She’s just released what will probably be the final single from the album, “Rich.” It’s an instantly catchy ear-worm that plays on the phrase, “If I had a dollar every time…” In this case it’s every time she’s sworn her man off, every time he’s lied to her and how many promises he broke, she would be pretty damn rich. It’s the timeless country heartbreak theme with a modern coat of paint. I’m glad it was chosen for a single because it’s not only too catchy to be left to an album cut, but it’s the direction modern country should be taking. It’s still country, but bringing a fresh approach that will resonate with the new generation of country fans. “Rich” has a wealth of qualities and deserves to be a summer hit.

Grade: 8/10

Songwriters: Maren Morris, Laura Veltz & Jessie Jo DillonĀ