Review – David Nail and The Well Ravens’ “Heavy”

When you’re on a major label, you live and die by the hits. It’s something every artist knows when they’re on one. In the early 2010s, Nail was delivering the hits to satisfy his label with #1 smashes like “Let It Rain” and “Whatever She’s Got.” By 2016, Nail wasn’t delivering the hits anymore despite his last album Fighter being pretty good. So like many artists he was chewed up and spit out by his major label. But the beauty in being forced into independence is great artistic freedom and making the music you want to make again. Nail is now back with a new name, attaching his band The Well Ravens to him, and a more rock driven sound on his new song “Heavy.” It’s an unexpected, but welcome change that fits Nail well. The song revolves around a man desperate to not lose his woman. He knows he has issues and wants to do whatever it takes to make it work again. The crashing guitars and the rhythmic drums perfectly accentuate the stormy, urgent nature of the song’s theme. It really gives the song a nice bite. The hook does it’s job well, as I found the song to be instantly catchy. I’m looking forward to what else Nail and The Well Ravens deliver, as “Heavy” is a great a start to this project.

Grade: 8/10

Songwriters: David Nail, Jason Hall & Andrew Petroff