Review – Little Big Town’s “Summer Fever”

Little Big Town has been the top superstar group in country music for years now. Yet I feel like this group doesn’t get the credit they deserve. Too often I feel they get dismissed as another pop country group, but really this is a group that puts out a lot of good music. If you’ve seen them in concert, you would know that their knowledge and appreciation of music is deep. Their last album The Breaker was one of their best and now they’re back with the lead single of their next album, “Summer Fever.” If you couldn’t tell from the title, it’s a summer song and it’s an instant jam. Just like Kacey Musgraves’ “High Horse,” this song encompasses the disco country sound (I would love to see this sound become the next trend in the genre). It’s infectious, groovy and fun, kind of reminding me of something the Bee Gees would cut. Throw in the lyrics that evoke imagery of the beach and the sounds of a “mix-tape” playing and you have a song that’s a perfect fit on a summer playlist. It’s very much the type of song that works best at a certain time of the year. I will say this song isn’t nearly as catchy as their most recent singles, but it’s the groove that wins you over immediately and the lyrics catch on with more repeated listens. Small quibble aside, Little Big Town delivers a great summer anthem in “Summer Fever.”

Grade: Great Summer Anthem

Songwriters: Cary Barlowe, Karen Fairchild, Jesse Frasure, Sam Romans