Review – Ryan Hurd’s “Diamonds or Twine”

Ryan Hurd is probably best known as the now-husband of pop country star Maren Morris. But Hurd is a pretty good singer-songwriter himself. Hurd has been helping write hits for some of the biggest names in Nashville for years and even helped pen Luke Bryan’s current single. Up until this year Hurd has only released a small EP, but right before he got hitched with Morris earlier this year he released his newest single “Diamonds or Twine.” As you could tell from the title, it’s a love song that’s dedicated to his wife. He vows to be by her side and be hers no matter if it’s diamonds or twine around her finger. It’s a simple, but heartfelt song. The soulful, waltzing sound gives it the perfect romantic feel that will be relatable to other loving couples. With Hurd’s experience as a songwriter in Nashville, I’m surprised that he hasn’t caught on more. He clearly has a knack for writing and can pen songs that resonate with listeners. Regardless, Hurd is someone you should have on your radar and “Diamonds or Twine” is just another example of why.

Grade: 7/10

Songwriters: Ryan Hurd, Laura Veltz & Mark Trussell