Review – Amanda Shires’ “Leave It Alone”

Amanda Shires promised a brand new direction for her new upcoming album To The Sunset. Up until this point her music has fallen under the singer-songwriter/folk sound. So how much different is this new sound? Well based on the first single “Leave It Alone,” it’s a lot different. And it’s really damn good. The production is decidedly upbeat, hazy and jam-y. It’s got a bit of a dance flavor to it, but you can still hear her husband’s guitar play throughout. The song is about exploring the feelings of love and being drawn in by the allure of your significant other. Many will focus on the new production change, but they would be overlooking the as always great songwriting from Shires. There’s so many brilliant descriptive lines throughout such as “your eyes glitter like an eagle’s cage” and “with the words we can’t find like bees inside us swarming.” Love songs are a dime-a-dozen, but the great songwriters continue to find ways to make them sound fresh and exciting and that’s exactly what Shires does with her songwriting. Shires said she wants to change the Nashville sound and this certainly changes it for the better. “Leave It Alone” is simply great and I can’t wait to hear more on her new album on August 3.

Grade: 9/10

Songwriter: Amanda Shires