Review – Old Dominion’s “Make It Sweet”

When Old Dominion broke onto the country scene, I could not stand them. Their debut hit “Break Up With Him” still annoys me to this day. Needless to say I got off to a rocky start with them. But on their sophomore album the band matured a lot and I found myself liking multiple songs off it (“No Such Thing as a Broken Heart” and “Hotel Key” most notably). So I guess I’m not too surprised that I immediately enjoyed their new single “Make It Sweet.” It’s a happy song that hits the spot and puts a smile on your face. But at the same time the song roots itself in reality before pouring on the happy. The song establishes in the beginning that yeah life can suck, there’s a constant chase to keep up with the Joneses and your dollar doesn’t go as far now. But you need to take the lemons your dealt and make lemonade. Embrace the good in life and enjoy your loved ones. Yes, it’s clich√© and not breaking new ground. But these type of pick-me-up songs are something everyone can use. The hook is just spot-on and something you’ll remember (“Life is short, make it sweet”). Not to mention it’s pretty danceable and the guitar solo in the bridge gives that jam-y punch to bring it on home. “Make It Sweet” lives up to its name.

Grade: 7/10

Songwriters: Trevor Rosen, Geoff Sprung, Matthew Ramsey, Whit Sellers, Brad Tursi, Shane McAnally