Review – Ward Thomas’ “Lie Like Me”

Across the pond is a country pop duo that too many American country listeners are sleeping on. That duo is Ward Thomas, a duo composed of Catherine and Lizzy Ward Thomas. Hailing from Hampshire, England, this duo has been delivering great country pop since their 2014 debut album From Where We Stand and have quickly established themselves as one of the best in the UK country scene. They’re now back with the lead single of their new upcoming album in the fall, “Lie Like Me.” It’s an instantly catchy tune that tackles the fakery of social media culture. It poignantly exposes the fake lives people love to portray on social media to prop themselves up and make others feel envious. Now I’ve already covered multiple songs that deal with this theme, but none of them touch the starkness of the lyrics in this song. Lines like “Every story testifies I’m terrified to be myself,” “God forbid you see the things I don’t want you to see” and “I don’t even wanna buy what I’m selling” just smack the point of the song right across your face. This is the song you want to play for that friend who just can’t stop tweeting or posting pictures on Instagram. Everything about this song is so refreshing and timely. “Lie Like Me” may just be one of the best songs Ward Thomas has delivered so far in their young career.

Grade: 9/10

Songwriters: Catherine Ward Thomas, Lizzy Ward Thomas, Jessica Sharman & Rebekah Powell